UPDATED Procedural pain management in children & youth: A toolkit for health professionals

In partnership with Children’s Healthcare Canada, SKIP has released an updated version of the Procedural pain management in children & youth toolkit. Medical procedures are common and can be distressing for children, youth, and their families. As neurodiverse children children may have increased challenges with medical procedures this updated toolkit now includes a new section focused on neurodiverse youth.

Solutions for Kids in Pain is on a mission to improve children's pain management.

SKIP is mobilizing evidence-based solutions through coordination and collaboration.

Canada is a world leader in children’s pain research, but new knowledge and effective treatments for pain aren’t consistently put into practice and policy. As a result, children suffer from undertreated and preventable pain that leads to many immediate and long-term problems.
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SKIP launches a new project called ‘Youth in Pain’ to share evidence-based solutions for the medical use of opioids to treat youth in pain.

“I would like to see prescribers pay as much attention to the pain kids have as they do to the potential complications of opioids. Families and patients need to be involved in weighing the risks and benefits of whether these medications should be taken, as opposed to being made to feel we are bad for trying to get medication that works.” – Parent partner

What an incredible year! Thank you to everyone who collaborated to make children’s pain a priority. Read through the SKIP 2022-23 Annual Report to celebrate the impacts of everyone within the SKIP network, including YOU.


Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) and the Health Standards Organization (HSO) are pleased to announce Canada’s first national Pediatric Pain Management standard, establishing a set of guidelines for the delivery of pain management for children from birth to 19 years. The standard provides guidance to health care organizations on how to deliver equitable and quality pain management across hospital settings!

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