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Canada is a world leader in children’s pain research, but new knowledge and effective treatments for pain aren’t consistently put into practice and policy. As a result, children suffer from undertreated and preventable pain that leads to many immediate and long-term problems.

Canada is currently experiencing a shortage of children’s pain and fever medications, triggered by both supply- and demand-related dynamics. Children and families are turning to family physicians, pediatricians, pharmacies, and emergency departments as they struggle to manage their child’s fever or pain symptoms at home.  

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Untreated pain impacts children’s immediate health experience and their long-term development, intersecting with many areas of life. These impacts are far reaching and reflected in the public health crises of the day, including vaccine hesitancy, the opioid crisis, and the growing mental health crisis among Canada’s children and youth population.

Read SKIP’s recommendations to inform the Standing Committee on Health Study on Children’s Health.

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