Our Activities

Now that you’ve visited our About Us page and know why SKIP is working to improve children’s pain management, learn what we’re doing to make a difference!

Identifying & Filling Gaps

SKIP connects with patients, caregivers, health professionals, administrators, and policy makers to understand pre-existing and pandemic-related needs, including vaccine pain and fear, and key issues around acute and chronic pain.

Producing and Promoting Valuable Tools

In 2021-22 we produced 131 knowledge mobilization tools with a wide variety of focuses, that reached nearly 680,000 people! SKIP coordinated with many partners to get evidence into the hands of knowledge users.

Facilitating Institutional Change

SKIP is committed to helping Canadian healthcare institutions put evidence into practice to improve care for kids in pain. We’re working with a wide range of partners to connect with institutions across the country and facilitate the adoption of best practices.

Raising Awareness and Kickstarting Conversation

SKIP is increasing awareness and fostering a sense of urgency among the general public about children’s pain. We’re hosting and participating in events and media activities and generating engagement and dialogue across our digital platforms.

Anyone can be a champion for kids in pain!

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