We are a Patients Included Organization!

Guided by the SKIP Patients Included™ Charter, SKIP collaborates with 110+ Patient Partners who help ensure that our work drives meaningful impact. From our Board of Directors and staff, to working groups and event collaborations, from one-time activities to ongoing commitments, Patient Partners are central to all levels of SKIP’s work.

This year we continued to meaningfully partner with patients in all activities and events, expanding our Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee (PCAC), and refining our patient partnership processes to ensure that the voices of children and families are heard, and their needs are addressed effectively, with a focus on greater representation of racialized, 2SLGBTQIA+, disabled, and rural/remote Patient Partners.

Kimberly Strain

B.A. (Music)

Kimberley Strain


Patient Caregiver Advisory Committee (PCAC)

Grounded in core values of respect, belonging, equity and fun, the eight PCAC members bring diverse perspectives to their work in advising SKIP in its patient partnership goals and processes. Working in collaboration with staff this year, the PCAC, drove the development of resources to improve patient partnership across the SKIP network and beyond..

Want to make a difference? Patients, parents, and caregivers are welcome!

Click here to download our Patient Partner Compensation Guidelines.