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Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) is a knowledge mobilization network and incorporated not‐for‐profit organization, based at Dalhousie University and co‐led by Children’s Healthcare Canada. SKIP seeks to bridge the gap between current treatment practices and available evidence‐based solutions for children’s pain in Canadian health institutions. Find out more by visiting our Who We Are page!

Seeking Patient Partners to support updating an Acute Procedural Pain
Recommendation and Implementation toolkit

Solution for Kids in Pain (SKIP) is looking for caregivers of children and youth, or youth (14-25 years old) to be part of revising a toolkit to help healthcare professionals manage pain during procedures in children and youth.

We want to work with you to update the toolkit so we can provide an up-to-date and meaningful toolkit for healthcare professionals.

We are looking for up to 4 caregivers or youth (14-25 years old) who have experienced pain during a medical procedure, including needles or immunizations. You will review evidence summaries about managing pain during medical procedures and provide input on how the evidence is presented and summarized. There will be an opportunity to integrate your lived experience into the toolkit (e.g., quotes, tips for healthcare professionals). You will be an equal member of the project review team.

Please apply by: Wednesday, January 30, 2023